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The business owner is yours truly and I have the moral support of my better half, Maria. Our children cross their fingers for success and the two doodles (dogs) in the house join in with a bark.

The goal is to produce and sell quality products that the world needs. I'd love to sell canned peace and love at a bargain price, but unfortunately it's not that easy.

Instead, I've chosen to design, produce and sell useful, quality products that we ourselves are missing. And it is my hope that we are not alone in this - in missing them...

First up were two elegant, minimalist and solid furniture ranges that eliminate the lack of space, hassle and irritation of waste sorting in the kitchen. The furniture is very neutral in its appearance, and with two variants, it fits in with most people. So it's time to put an end to overflowing cupboards, piles of bins on the floor or other attempts to meet the demand for waste sorting.

New products will be added along the way, but for now, we are committed to aesthetic and practical waste sorting and are proud to announce that we received a Red Dot Design Award 2023 for SORTED Premium and another one in 2024 for SORTED Standard. We also have many satisfied customers who have shared their experiences on TrustPilot. I am very grateful for that!

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Peter Molbech