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How does compartmentalization work?
You can watch a video on how compartmentalization works HERE.
SORTED waste sorting furniture comes with a number of compartmentalization plates. These plates slide into some grooves on the inside of the body of the furniture. There are many grooves, so there are plenty of opportunities to create different sized compartments. The plates are designed to also hold the bags in place and keep the bag opening as large as possible. It takes two panels to create the first compartment and then one more panel to create a second compartment. With the exception of the outermost panels in the body, one panel holds two bags - one bag on each side of the panel - so one bag overlaps the other. The system is 100% low tech and in all its simplicity it works super well (we think so ourselves). We have therefore also applied for a patent on it.

Should I use plastic bags in the furniture?
Yes, you do. You just need a regular trash bag and you can use any size you need, depending on your needs. We have SORTED wide ourselves and have a large bin liner bag (30 liters) for plastic, a regular bin liner bag (20 liters) for cardboard and an 8 liter freezer bag for metal. The bags are often not dirty, so you can use them multiple times.

How are the waste bags secured?
The bags are held in place by the divider plates. The plates are designed to both hold the waste bags in place and keep the bag opening as large as possible.

What types of waste is SORTED suitable for?
Do not use SORTED for "wet" waste (e.g. food scraps and residual waste) but for recyclable waste such as cardboard, plastic, metal, bottles etc. SORTED should be used with waste bags inside.

How do I assemble the furniture?
When SORTED is delivered, two mounting strips are included. One must be screwed to the back of the furniture with two screws. There are already threads in the furniture, so it couldn't be easier. The other strip should be screwed up where you want SORTED to hang. Please note that the molding must be level and that you need screws and rawlplugs that are suitable for the material you are mounting the molding on. You should also note that there must be enough space above the top of the lid for the lid to open fully.
SORTED can be taken down from the wall in a snap and put back up in 2 seconds without the use of tools.

How much space does SORTED require?
You can see the dimensions of SORTED on the product pages. You can easily hang SORTED in a relatively narrow hallway. In the picture below the SORTED product page, taken in a kitchen, the hallway is just around 80 cm wide.
SORTED comes down the wall in a snap, so if you need to pass something wide, you can just take it down and put it back up in 2 seconds without tools.

Can SORTED be mounted on a door?
SORTED Tall is only 50 cm wide and will therefore fit on most doors. It does not take up much space in depth. Please note that there must be enough space under the door handle to open the lid. It is your responsibility to assess whether the door can withstand SORTED.

How many compartments can you make in the furniture?
There is room for more compartments than makes sense. But if you need a small compartment for batteries or metal, for example, you can easily create it. Then you can create larger compartments for the other categories of waste. In SORTED tall there is room for four normal waste bags and in SORTED wide there can be three. However, it's unlikely that you need equal-sized compartments, but rather compartments of different sizes. You can easily do this in SORTED, and that's one of the reasons why the furniture can hold so much despite its compact exterior.

Can I use SORTED to sit on?
No, SORTED is made for sorting household waste and is not intended for sitting on.

Where can you see SORTED?
SORTED is sold online on this page,and we are in the process of expanding into retail. In the unlikely event that you don't like SORTED, you have a 14-day return policy.